Picturing Lockdown

Picturing Lockdown n April I was commissioned by Historic England to photograph 7 days of Lockdown. They were running a national project and i had been selected as the north easts regional photographer.I don’t think of myself as a ‘lens based artist’ or even necessarily as a ‘photographer’. However, on reflection I do use photography […]

Kulttuuri Kauppila

In December 2019 I was resident at Kulttuuri Kauppia – an artist residency, gallery and studio in Ii, Finland. As part of my work I engaged in further research into the Emotional Weather Bureau. Specifically working on emotional weather forecasting with the community at the local libraries and the mental health unit. Find out more […]

Between Stillness and Storm

Between Stillness and Storm I believe we are at a dual crisis in Climate Change and Mental Health. This work Between Stillness and Storm is an outdoor sculptural installation, creatively repurposing weather-sensing equipment such as balloons, anemometers and solar panels to meditate on states of well-being, and how we use the weather to talk about […]


In April 2017 I went on invitation to Jadraas Arts – 2 1/2 hours north of Stockholm. It was the site of a large furniture store and carpentry workshops where they made the furniture they sold by hand. Unfortunately the popularity of stores such as Ikea saw the demise of local hand crafted furniture – […]

The Tetley


In Summer of 2014 I had 2 research residencies and a production residency at The Tetley, Leeds. No Time for Nostalgia explored the notion of Labour in the context of ‘The Artisan’ and ‘The Worker’. It also looked at the romanticised view of Rurality. I made several text based installations, produced a performance around log […]