SIRF Festival

Installation view of a work live space. A table in the centre of the room to the right is a chair and lamp. To the right is a work bench with microscope and chemical research equipment.

‘C’mon in, the water’s lovely’ was a visual art installation at SIRF2022, Stockton International Riverside Festival featuring numerous original works in an environment inspired by an Antarctic research station. Work and the domestic butt up against one another, comfort is chased out by the cold.

This installation is the first iteration of an expansive new work across multiple art forms. This collaboration between visual artist Aidan Moesby and theatre maker Daniel Bye asks: What is the climate cost of keeping me well?

We’re told to keep calm and carry on, but maybe sometimes we should just stop. How can we do that without making things worse? What does rest look like on a global scale? How can a planet convalesce?

Future iterations of this project include a mid-scale outdoor performance for which we are seeking funders  to develop further this seed-commission funded by SIRF.

The sound piece played out of a vintage radio in the installation can be heard here on the SIRF website. It features texts and ideas that run through the explorations of all of the many strands of this project.

Some images of the work can be seen below