Thresholds – An Accessible Exhibition

A blue night sky with a contrail

Thresholds is a digital exhibition that explores the impact of Covid-19 on relationships to home. Curator Aidan Moesby commissioned artists Sonia Boué, Lindsay Duncanson and Catriona Gallagher to develop new films and photographs in response to their experiences of 2020. The exhibition includes an essay by writer and academic Jade French co-commissioned with Corridor8.

This exhibition is organised as part of Aidan Moesby’s curatorial associateship with MIMA through our partnership programme with DASH, MAC and Wysing Arts Centre. This national partnership supports the development of Disabled curators. Read more here

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Six months ago, working life was punctuated by stations and cities on the rail network. I stared out of the train window, resting my eyes on the middle distance. This thinking space has been replaced by days staring into a screen interspersed with the occasional cup of tea in the garden. New Year working in Finland, listening to World Service reports about infections in China seems a lifetime ago. Each of us continues to have to adapt, renegotiate and redefine our relationship to home, work, and the transitional spaces in between.

I remember my first Tuesday at MIMA in January: anxious excitement at being the new boy. I rapidly felt included and one of the team. The year stretched out in front of me with plans and schedules, meetings and introductions, so many options and so much potential. March 17th was my last day
in the MIMA galleries. A period of uncertainty followed; how can I do a residency when I cannot physically be ‘in residence’?

Working with Elinor Morgan, Head of Programme, I stayed with the uncomfortable feelings, the not knowing. We deliberately did not rush to respond. We thought, reflected and talked ourselves into the future. It seemed natural to want to explore experiences of lockdown and the easing
of restrictions. My mode is conversation and I began to see that it was central to my curatorial methodology. The exhibition Thresholds comes from talking with artists, writers, designers and curators and I hope it will trigger many new discussions between friends and strangers.

Along with the Exhibition was a text by Jade French here at Corridor 8

The exhibition was made as accessible as possible – each to the moving image works had a standard version, a captioned version and an audio described version. The images all had Alt-Text.

Access does not cost huge amounts but it does take time and thought.