A blue night sky with a contrail

Thresholds – An Accessible Exhibition Thresholds is a digital exhibition that explores the impact of Covid-19 on relationships to home. Curator Aidan Moesby commissioned artists Sonia BouĂ©, Lindsay Duncanson and Catriona Gallagher to develop new films and photographs in response to their experiences of 2020. The exhibition includes an essay by writer and academic Jade […]

MIMA Curatorial

Sometimes words are inadequate to fully convey the full depth and breadth. This is one such occasion. I have started a new residency at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, MIMA. This is part of the Curatorial Commissions Programme led by DASH which includes MIMA, Wysing Arts Centre and MAC Birmingham, to support the development of […]

Contested Spaces

Contested Spaces Kate Murdoch Colin Hambrook Installation View Malgosha Dawidek Malgosha Dawidek Kate Murdoch In July I was fortunate to be offered the opportunity as a Disability Arts Online (DAO) Associate Artist to curate an exhibition at The Foundry. The short lead in time meant everything had to be done double quick, sometimes on the […]

An in with a Stranger

An in with a Stranger We love to talk about the weather. It is a social in with strangers, or it was a social in with a stranger until the dynamics of social interactions changed with the increasingly prevalent life mediated through the screen. This has significantly changed the way people interact in anonymous public […]